Assistant Professor
Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan

: Sato Laboratory, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, 4-6-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-8505, Japan

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I am an assistant professor at the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, Japan. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo in 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Kiyoharu Aizawa. My research is in the fields of computer vision and multimedia processing, with particular interests in large-scale indexing.



Mantra: Machine Translation for Manga
Shonosuke Ishiwatari, Ryota Hinami, Kazuhiko Yasuda, and Yusuke Matsui
[Project] [Video] [Demo]

Reconfigurable Inverted Index
Yusuke Matsui, Ryota Hinami, and Shin'ichi Satoh
ACMMM 2018 (oral, acceptance rate: 8.45%).
[Paper] [Project] [Code] [Slides] [Poster]

A Survey of Product Quantization
Yusuke Matsui, Yusuke Uchida, Hervé Jégou, Shin'ichi Satoh
ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications 2018.
[Paper] [Project]

PQk-means: Billion-scale Clustering for Product-quantized Codes
Yusuke Matsui* , Keisuke Ogaki* , Toshihiko Yamasaki, and Kiyoharu Aizawa
*Joint first authors.
ACMMM 2017.
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PQTable: Nonexhaustive Fast Search for Product-Quantized Codes Using Hash Tables
Yusuke Matsui , Toshihiko Yamasaki, and Kiyoharu Aizawa
ICCV 2015, TMM 2018.
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Writing an Image Search Engine from Scratch
Yusuke Matsui
One-hour hands-on seminar at CGVI, 2017.
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DrawFromDrawings: 2D Drawing Assistance via Stroke Interpolation with a Sketch Database
Yusuke Matsui , Takaaki Shiratori, and Kiyoharu Aizawa
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 2017.
[Paper] [Project] [Video (YouTube)]

Sketch-based Manga Retrieval using Manga109 Dataset
Yusuke Matsui , Kota Ito, Yuji Aramaki, Azuma Fujimoto, Toru Ogawa, Toshihiko Yamasaki, and Kiyoharu Aizawa
Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP), Springer (in press).
[Paper] [Project] [Springer]

Illustration2Vec: A Semantic Vector Representation of Illustrations
Masaki Saito and Yusuke Matsui
ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, Technical Brief, 2015.
[Paper] [Project] [Pre-trained model] [ACM]

Separation of Manga Line Drawing and Screentones
Kota Ito, Yusuke Matsui , Toshihiko Yamasaki, and Kiyoharu Aizawa
Eurographics, Short paper, 2015.

Reference-based Manga Colorization by Graph Correspondence Using Quadratic Programming
Kazuhiro Sato, Yusuke Matsui , Toshihiko Yamasaki, and Kiyoharu Aizawa
ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, Technical Briefs, 2014.
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  • manga109api: Simple python API to read annotation data of Manga109
  • Rii: Fast and memory-efficient ANN with a subset-search functionality
  • nanopq: Pure python implementation of product quantization for nearest neighbor search
  • PQk-means: Fast and memory-efficient clustering
  • faiss_tips: Some useful tips for faiss
  • PQTable: Fast search algorithm for product-quantized codes via hash-tables
  • Sis: Simple image search engine




Technical report


  • Funai Research Award, Funai Foundation for Information Technology, 2018. [link]
  • Student Best Paper Award, IEEE Signal Processing Society Japan, 2016.
  • Quick Report on Doctoral Theses Recommended by SIGs, IPSJ, 2016.
  • Dean's Award, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo, 2016.
  • Best Student Paper Award, IMPS, 2015.
  • Best Interactive Presentation Award, HCG Symposium, 2014.
  • Dean's Award, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo, 2013.
  • Harashima Hiroshi Science Award, Association for Promotion of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering, 2012.
  • Dean's Award, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, 2011.
  • 7th place, Google Landmark Recognition Challenge, 2018. [link]
  • 7th place, Google Landmark Retrieval Challenge, 2018. [link]
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, ACM ICMR, 2018. [link]
  • ACM Student Research Competition 3rd Place, ACM SIGGRAPH, 2011.

Funding sources

  • ACT-I (Advanced), JST. (2018/4 - 2020/3)
  • Joint Research, Dwango. (2016/12 - 2017/3)
  • ACT-I, JST. (2016/12 - 2018/3)
  • Research Activity Start-up, JSPS. (2016/10 - 2018/3)
  • Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC1), JSPS. (2013/4 - 2016/5)