Kotenseki Image Search [Japanese]

Yusuke Matsui1, Chairath Sirirattanapol2, Shin'ichi Satoh1, Kuninori Matsuda3, Kazuaki Yamamoto3

1National Institute of Informatics (NII), 2Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), 3National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL)


Kotenseki is defined as Japanese classic literature before the Meiji era. The team of NII and NIJL is developing a content-based image search system for kotenseki images. With computer vision techniques, we seek a way to evaluate kotenseki images quantitatively, and aim for new discoveries in Japanese literature.



  • Chairath Sirirattanapol, Yusuke Matsui, Shin’ichi Satoh, Kuninori Matsuda, and Kazuaki Yamamoto
    Deep Image Retrieval Applied on Kotenseki Ancient Japanese Literature
    IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning and Computing for Visual Semantic Analysis (MLCSA) 2017.
  • 松井勇佑,佐藤真一,松田訓典,山本和明
    古典籍に対する画像検索 (in Japanese)
    第20回 画像の認識・理解シンポジウム (MIRU) 2017.

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