ACM Multimedia 2017 papers on the web

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Full paper

Exploring Outliers in Crowdsourced Ranking for QoE (pdf)
Qianqian Xu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University)
Ming Yan (Michigan State University)
Chendi Huang (Peking University)
Jiechao Xiong (Peking University)
Qingming Huang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Yuan Yao (Peking University)
Laplacian-Steered Neural Style Transfer (pdf)
Shaohua Li (National University of Singapore, A*Star)
Xinxing Xu (A*Star)
Liqiang Nie (Shandong University)
Tat-Seng Chua (National University of Singapore)
Multimedia Semantic Integrity Assessment Using Joint Embedding Of Images And Text (pdf)
Ayush Jaiswal (University of Southern California)
Ekraam Sabir (University of Southern California)
Wael AbdAlmageed (University of Southern California)
Premkumar Natarajan (University of Southern California)
PQk-means: Billion-scale Clustering for Product-quantized Codes
Yusuke Matsui (National Institute of Informatics)
Keisuke Ogaki (DWANGO)
Toshihiko Yamasaki (The University of Tokyo)
Kiyoharu Aizawa (The University of Tokyo)
Region-based Image Retrieval Revisited
Ryota Hinami (The University of Tokyo, National Institute of Informatics)
Yusuke Matsui (National Institute of Informatics)
Shin'ichi Satoh (National Institute of Informatics)
Selective Deep Convolutional Features for Image Retrieval (pdf)
Tuan Hoang (Singapore University of Technology and Design)
Thanh-Toan Do (The University of Adelaide)
Dang-Khoa Le Tan (Singapore University of Technology and Design)
Ngai-Man Cheung (Singapore University of Technology and Design)
Towards forward-looking online bitrate adaptation for DASH
Bo Wang (Tsinghua University)
Fengyuan Ren (Tsinghua University)
Weighted Sparse Representation Regularized Graph Learning for RGB-T Object Tracking
Chenglong Li (Anhui Unversity)
Nan Zhao (Anhui Unversity)
Yijuan Lu (Texas State University)
Chengli Zhu (Anhui Unversity)
Jin Tang (Anhui Unversity)